Friday, July 1, 2011

I Now Know Where I'm Headed

I'm gonna thank you guys like a thank you page inside the cover of a pop CD


Allah swt




teachers at 21

ridiculously motivating teachers from makara


Of course i wanted so much to make my parents proud, but the thing that i wanted more than anything in the world was to have a chance to make my grandparents proud, just one chance.

And yeah, i worked my ass of for that chance...

But it was You who gave it to me.

I cant thank You enough.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Make Me Frustrated

I want to meet every person you know.
Everyone you've ever came into contact with.
Every member of your family -- past and present.
Your old teachers, your doctors, the croation man that serviced you at the post office.
Girls who admire you from afar, been rejected by you, see you for exactly what you are.

If I could meet them, we would talk.
Stitch all these thoughts and opinions together..

So I know why I cant stop thinking about you.



Saturday, May 21, 2011


So... I'm oficially not a high school student anymore. But not yet a college student either.

What does that make me?

Who knows.

But check out these cool grad pics B)

I designed my skirt, but it came out horribly. Like a tutu gone wrong
Couldn't sleep because of it.
So at 1 a.m. i got up... And i hand-stitched it myself.
I LOVED the end result.
A very bouncy & flirty skirt.

See for yourself...

*we were classmates for 3 years*

*vent bion cheerleaders*
*me, ines, tyas, ega, vinka, sari, ibu asrida, nicha, ine, anin, firta, aisyah*


So the wierd part was that we had our graduation ceremony
before we even knew if we graduated or not.

So we were all just waiting for this....

And when we got it...

It was pure bliss.

SMAN 21 2011 LULUS 100%


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love Is Always


It turns out that beating them twice wasn't enough to win the whole competition. I love you Indonesia, and there is no doubt in my mind that there will be many victories to come. 2nd place is just the beginning. Garuda and all of it's wisdom.


Monday, December 27, 2010

AFF Hopes

Let me just start out by saying how proud i am of indonesia for making it this far. We made it to the finals and beat a lot of teams on the way. I am definitely proud to be an Indonesian.
I'm not a soccer freak. In fact, before this AFF, i have never ever in my 17 years of living watched a whole game. Or match. Whatever. During the first out of 2 semifinals between ind-phi i was home alone and twitter was getting pretty roused up about some soccer game, so i decided to watch since i conveniently have a television in my bedroom.
I had no idea what the hell i was watching. The only thing i payed attention to was how ruggedly handsome the phi players were, especially no.7, no.10, and the goalie. Oh yeah, the coach was smokin hot too. i wanted to take him home and rip his clothes off :9

From that moment on i was hooked.
Now dont get me wrong, I LOVE INDONESIA. phi just has hotter players :P
So because phi and their hotties got me interested in watching soccer, i am still watching aff until the grand finals on the 29th.
Last Sunday, malay-ind played in Malaysia's stadium. But the malaysian supporters did something so shameful, it made me wanna bitchslap them silly. They brought lasers and shined them towards the indonesian players. This is rather dumb, because aside from annoying the Indonesian players, it makes a bad name for malaysians. I mean, cant they win without the help of lasers? Come on now, where's the fairplay?
And you know, payback is a bitch. To all you malaysians, i dont feel bad about "HATE MALAYSIA" being a trending topic on twitter. And to make it even more hilarious, #loveindonesia is also a trending topic. Sooo, am i right? Isnt payback just a dirty little bitch?

I can only hope that Indonesian supporters do not do anything as shameful as that this wednesday at Gelora Bung Karno for the grand finals. Because I know we can win without foulplay. Come on, Indonesia. I know we can rock the finals. Our prayers mean so much more than theirs.