Saturday, May 21, 2011


So... I'm oficially not a high school student anymore. But not yet a college student either.

What does that make me?

Who knows.

But check out these cool grad pics B)

I designed my skirt, but it came out horribly. Like a tutu gone wrong
Couldn't sleep because of it.
So at 1 a.m. i got up... And i hand-stitched it myself.
I LOVED the end result.
A very bouncy & flirty skirt.

See for yourself...

*we were classmates for 3 years*

*vent bion cheerleaders*
*me, ines, tyas, ega, vinka, sari, ibu asrida, nicha, ine, anin, firta, aisyah*


So the wierd part was that we had our graduation ceremony
before we even knew if we graduated or not.

So we were all just waiting for this....

And when we got it...

It was pure bliss.

SMAN 21 2011 LULUS 100%


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