Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sorry :'(

okay, so sorry about yesterday's post. it was an act of slight anger, sorryyyy.
anyhow, so today i find myself chewing on ice cream. i mean, really? am i that desperate that i would chew on my ice cream? and i didnt even realize that i was chewing until my mom asked me why the heck i was acting like an idiot. (it's your own fault, mom!)
maan, this sucks.
can i ask you something? this is my first breakup, and i wanna know, after a 20 month relationship..
how long until the pain stops?
how long until i dont think about him every spare second of my life?
how long until i can run around like a baboon again?
anyone know the answer?
well i mean, this wasnt even something that either of us wanted. we're still friends, but doesnt that make it worse? i dont know yet, but isn't it hard being in love with your friend? because he's so close, but you cant have him? doesnt that just right up suck?

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