Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Last Friday (30/07) i turned 17. I know, I'm all grown up :')
Yeah, you'd think that. But actually, i feel the same as when i was 16. Maybe i'ts because i still don't know how to drive (let alone have a license), and i still dont have official identification. But hey, like wengky would say it, "ajickiiiiin"...!
On the 30th of July my boyfriend suprised me at school. He bought a cake, it was so cute. I felt like taking him home and eating him up >.<
I celebrated my sweet 17th on Saturday night at Olive Cafe.

On Monday (2/08), my boyfriend turned 17 too. I'm older than him by 3 days. I stopped by his school to give him a suprise too :)

Happy Birthday Uki, I love you so much
We've spent 3 of our birthdays together
And I hope we still have a lifetime to come of birthdays to share