Thursday, May 7, 2009

last night's deperado moment

Yesterday, my older brother and sister weren't at home. My brother was out doing some grafiti and my sister waaas, well i don't know where she wa actually. So i got the computer to myself the whole night. That truly rarely happens, so i was sooo happy.
But as i said before, i'm sick. So I was drousy the whole time. But you know, i couldn't just pass up an offer like this.
So, I started out on facebook -- answering peoples comments and messages. Then i went on blogspot to see if there were any new posts from my friends. Turns out there weren't any. So I continued my drousy adventurous night to youtube where I looked up random videos. I started out with like Twilight, then New Moon, then i went to music videos, then dance videos. Then somehow i ended up watching the Old Navy commercial where they were promoting bermuda shorts. Then i realized --although not fo the first time--how wierd I was, so I went back to facebook and replied stuff. When I was done, i didn't know what to do, so i just sat there for a few minutes. Waiting for new notifications. Yawning my ass off. And I was so happy each time there was a new notification, but when I checked it, it turns out it was just one of my friends who took a quiz that i had taken before. so that got me sad.And because i was already like half dead, i just decided to go to bed.
So I turned off the computer, and turned off the lights, and climbed into bed. Well, i didn't really climb, because i'm not that short. And my bed isn't even that high up.
Once I tucked myself in, i started "pondering" upon subjects that i wouldn't normally "ponder" upon. I started imagining what my wedding drees would look like. Whether it was going to be sleeveless, or stapless. i thought about the white net thingy that i cant remember what it's called, you know the one that covers your face. Well, whatever that thingy is called, i was thinkin about it.
And then i realized that, if and when i get married (amiin), i wouldn't even wear a white dress. I'd be wearing some tradisional sumatran funky thingy with the heavy thing on my head. And i wont even enjoy my own wedding reception because i'll be sitting in the front all night, no food, no watter. GOD.
So, when i cleared my head of all the things that weren't and aren't important to me, i decided to go to sleep.
Yep, i need to get a life.

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