Friday, May 15, 2009


in a world of whores, she is just another one of them.
so this really slutty girl in my class that i had no problem with before has just made me hate her. before, even though like my whole school didnt like her, i liked her. i mean, i wasnt her best friend or anything but i didnt dislike her. because i seem to not search for flaws in a person, unlike a lot of my friends who actually pay attention to other people. no, i dont do that. if you have nothing to do with me, then i wont pay attention to you, you know what i mean?
so like i said, even though my whole school hates her damn guts, i didnt. up until yesterday. when i asked nicely about something, and she answered with a very rude attitude, and it took her like a minute just to get the fucking answer out of her big fat mouth.
so, if i am being bitched at, then i wont take it, so i gave her an attitude too.
and the thing is, even though i call her a PEREK everytime i see her, she still doesnt get it. and so if tomorrow i dont come to practice, then you know why. i dont wanna see her out of school. iiiikh a already have nightmares from her mean ass face.
like i said before, everyone is a friend until proven otherwise


  1. hehe iya sayang. wah trnyata ada juga yang ngebaca blog gue hahaha

  2. weee ternyata ada lag yg baca haha, seneng nih gue. si itu loh faan, yg wktu itu hot bgt di gospin trus. tp skg gue udh biasa aja kok sm dia